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Class Newsletters

Prior to September 2017, NRLI published a PDF newsletter in addition to the enewsletter. Below is an archived list of those newsletters.

Class XVI (2016-2017) Newsletters
Session 1: Port Everglades: The impact of port expansion
Session 2: Rodman Reservoir: An Intractable Dispute?
Session 3: Agriculture and Water Quality: Basin Management Action Plans (BMAPs) in Jackson Blue Springs and Suwannee River Basins
Session 4: Picayune Strand: Everglades Restoration in Progress
Session 5: Key West: Protection & Use of Marine Resources
Session 6: Crystal River: Recreation & the Endangered Florida Manatee
Session 7: St. Augustine: Responding to Sea Level Rise
Session 8: Graduation & Practicum Presentations

Class XV (2015-2016) Newsletters
Session 1: Titusville: Space coast in transition
Session 2: Apalachicola: Threats to a productive estuary
Session 3: Silver Springs: Aquifer withdrawal and springs health
Session 4: Jacksonville: Wildland-Urban Interface
Session 5: Key Largo: Sea level rise
Session 6: Crystal River: Endangered species & recreation
Session 7: Clewiston: Agriculture South of Lake Okeechobee
Session 8: Graduation & Practicum Presentations

Class XIV (2014-2015) Newsletters
Session 1: Indian River Lagoon: Estuarine Decline
Session 2: Pensacola: Adaptation and Resilience in Coastal Communities
Session 3: Tampa Bay: Numeric Nutrient Criteria: Improving Water Quality in an Urban Setting
Session 4: Immokalee: Endangered Species: The Future of the Florida Panther
Session 5: Key Largo: Sea Level Rise
Session 6: Hastings/Tri-County Agricultural Area: BMPs and Water Quality/Quantity
Session 7: Wakulla Springs: Spring Health & Endangered Springs
Session 8: Graduation & Practicum Presentations